WHAT IS SPC? SPC stands for “Stone Plastic Composite”. SPC has PVC+Calcium core which adds to the products strength and waterproof abilities.

SPC Lock System Composition

  • 1. UV coating: enhance the anti-fouling, antibacterial and waterproof properties of the floor, increase the service life of the floor.
  • 2. Wear layer: safeguard floor design and color is not worn for a long time, the floor is durable.
  • 3. Decor film: high simulation of real wood or stone grain and other natural texture, showing the real natural texture.
  • 4. Basic layer: PVC+Calcium composite, so that the floor has a high strength of pressure resistance.
  • 5. Bottom layer: EVA or IXPE, thermal insulation, cushioning, sound absorption, health and environmental protection

Why Choose SPC?

Just like Laminate – SPC can look like real wood. For a more realistic wood appearance, the surface can be hand-scraped, distressed, and covered with authentic-looking knots and wormholes. And you can get SPC that looks like anything from polished marble to timeworn slate.
Unique Finishes. SPC comes finished in many ways, it can be made to look just like laminate, real wood, or tile.

Shape – SPC is resilient and easy to work with. It can be laid in many designs and can be cut precisely to fit into small space or intricate layout.

Toughness – Unlike Laminate, SPC is made out of hydraulically pressed plastic and state of the art technology, it is durable, long lasting, and can withstand any type of foot traffic.

How to Clean – SPC is easy to use and easy to maintain. Any Swiffer or vacuum will quickly and easily clean SPC floors.

Underlayment – SPC, just like laminate, needs an underlayment barrier to serve as a moisture barrier and sound buffer. Many of our SPC lines feature pre-installed underlayment making the installation process that much simpler. Be sure to check our newest lines and collections for further info.


It is mainly used in various commercial buildings, offices, shopping malls, airports, hospitals, schools, supermarkets, factories, libraries, residential buildings, automobile exhibition halls, airports and other places.

Some special occasions, such as drug factory, electronic assembly workshop, hospital and other special requirements of the use of antistatic, antiskid series.

Landscaping Turf or Artificial Grass for Home and Commercial purposes Pile Height: 50 mm Color: 3/4 tones Density: 11800 to 16800 Applications: Garden, Landscape, Decoration Features: Very Soft, High Simulation, UV Protected, Durable